Mariett Ramm

International Speaker | Fortune 500 Business Consultant | Women Leadership Strategist



Mariett is redoubtably one of the world’s most sought-after Women Leadership Strategists. That is not surprising. A veritable member of that very rare group of individuals on the world stage who are referred to as multipotentialites, she is known as “The Bestseller Maker“, an International Speaker, and a Fortune 500 Business Consultant. 

Mariett Ramm

Chair and CEO, The Powerful Woman

Dame of Honor, UN Peace Ambassador, BSc Hons- Functional Medicine, Dip Med, Biochemistry, NLP Master Practitioner, EPT Level 4


★ Exponential Growth Strategy Leadership Summit

★ Class of Steel Ladies Conference

★ Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad Alumni Association USA

★ Russian Export Club

★ Lead India Sustainable Inclusive Development

★ Family Office Real Estate Investment Global Webinar Series

★ Global Perspective on Women Leadership, Bangalore University

★ INDYWOOD Billionaire Excellence Awards Dubai

★ Circle2Success Leadership

As The Powerful Woman, Mariett can show her audience practical and actionable strategies to facilitate career transformation, increase influence and achieve entrepreneurial success while building seven-figure businesses. As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Mariett can translate complex neurochemistry and hormonal system implications into everyday practice to optimize performance.

As a highly acclaimed entrepreneur, speaker and trainer, Mariett has achieved worldwide recognition because of the results she can create.

The outcome she creates for her audience on stage and her most recommended workshops is unique and unmatched.


  • Mariett Ramm, aka “Dame of Honor”, “The Iconic Influencer” and a UN Peace Ambassador, is a world-class speaker.
  • She is a successful businesswoman and author of two #1 best-selling books.
  • She has worked with wealthy Arabian Sheiks, European royalty, and a Commonwealth Prime Minister.
  • Top Influential Woman 2020.
  • She has been featured on the cover of many magazines including, For Business in Africa, Vegas2LA, and MilliOnAir.
  • Published 300 articles for the Billionaire Chronicle and is a member of the Forbes Business Council.
  • She is a sought-after “Thought Leader” and Iconic Influencer with over 77,000 followers on LinkedIn.
  • She was nominated for the coveted, “The Working Woman’s Oscar”.

Mariett is an authentic ambassador, and a mentoring patron, for all women who entertain a wish to, not only veritably situate themselves in high-level corporate positions on the global turf, and position themselves at the head of the boardroom table of the world’s most notable conglomerates, but also desire to build million-dollar businesses from ground up. With powerful messages that echo many of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, and carry the prosperous seed of Ultimate Human Potential, Mariett is irrevocably committed to helpless women own their own irrepressible Feminine Power.


  • Discover limiting beliefs
  • Stop living in the past
  • Nurture the inner child
  • Stop the inner demons
  • Recognize limiting beliefs and habits
  • Find life purpose, the WHY by defining their mission
  • Manage stress and conflict
  • Start  harnessing the power of life cycles
  • Say goodbye to fear and anxiety forever
  • Discover what makes them tick
  • Learn how to own who they are
  • Stop self-sabotage and procrastination
  • Refuse to be a victim
  • Make a difference in the lives of around them
  • Realize they can have it all