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Social Media Influence

Mariett shows her audience how to become an Influencer on LinkedIn. Her book, The Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn became #1 Amazon Bestseller one day before its launch.

International LinkedIn Expert and #1 Amazon Bestselling Author Shows You How To Dramatically Improve The Results You Get From LinkedIn Marketing, Making Money and Fundraising

LinkedIn allows you to build credibilitycreate a meaningful network and establish yourself as an expert, and a thought leader, in your industry, all while developing a robust sales pipeline.

LinkedIn is a revolutionary tool that you can use to reach your target audience, and educate potential clients about your products and services. You can also deliver engagement through thought leadership articles.

The Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Guide To LinkedIn: Dramatically Improve Marketing, Selling and Fundraising on LinkedIn! GUARANTEED !

A Rave Review 👇

This is not a sit down and read it book if you really want to improve your standing on LinkedIn. I’m using it more as a study guide to revitalize my profile and upgrade my SEO. I’ve been on LinkedIn for nine years, but my account had gotten stale. Once I got past the first chapter, Ramm had lots of ideas for effectively using LinkedIn to promote your business or career. I particularly appreciated his suggestions on finding descriptive words that stand out and are frequent search requests. This skill is helpful at many stages of my marketing. Thank you Mariett Ramm for putting together this practical guide.

D. McCann

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion In The Workplace

We cannot achieve our mission without our collective and conscious work toward diversity, equity and inclusion. Mariett talks about developing and implementing programs and interventions designed to attract, retain, develop and advance diverse talent, eliminate hidden barriers to success, address systemic inequities, and foster inclusive leadership.

We can not only help protect working women and men and their families from the financial devastation of job loss due to forces beyond their control, but help them thrive in their communities.


Diversity brings together people of different backgrounds and mindsets to foster innovation and new ways of thinking, to benefit the organization:

  • boosts employee engagement
  • diverse companies are more competitive

Diversity has many dimensions that intersect in a wide variety of ways; these dimensions include race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, language, culture, religion, mental and physical ability, class, immigration status, and others.

Equity entails an intentional focus to reduce disparities in opportunities, experiences and outcomes for all members of the community.  

Inclusion is belonging to an environment in which people are welcomed, accepted and connected to one another. Inclusion is influence.

The Million Dollar Woman. Women Destined for Entrepreneurial Success

Mariett teaches her audience how to improve productivity and earning power by providing them with easy-to-understand, and easy-to-apply ways of achieving results. Today, more than ever before, women are sitting side by side with both male and female peers to establish multi-million dollar businesses as household names in a variety of industries.

YES, SHE CAN! Women Leadership Today

What does it really take to become a Woman Leader today? With the rise of influential women like Coco Chanel, Estée Lauder, Melinda Gates, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and a host of others, came the launch of a whole new era for female political and business juggernauts all across the globe. You can be one of them!

BESTSELLER AND #1 NEW RELEASE THE EVE CODE: Empowering Today’s Woman To Become Her Own Chief Empowerment Officer – AUTHENTIC. INFLUENTIAL. POWERFUL 

Mariett Ramm is a creative genius. Her ambition and thought provoking approach to inspiring women come together perfectly to create The Eve Code. This empowering book is a refreshing take on women’s empowerment in the professional and personal circle. I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter of her inspirational narrative. Mariett not only lifts up other women, she gives them the tools to reach their highest potential. The Eve Code is an absolute must for any woman in your life.

Sara Sabharwal



Others will not tell you this. But, Mariett will.

Mindset and High Performance

Mariett explains to her audience why “The Three-Step-Guide to This” and ” Five Ways to That” do not work. She offers practical solutions to entrepreneurial success that are a number of factors that act together. These are right connections, right timing, and right pre-dispositions combined with personal effort.