Empowering Today’s Woman To Become Her Own Chief Empowerment Officer



Self-acceptance, self-love, mindfulness and pure feminine power are traits of the authentic Woman Leader who was born to Influence, Inspire and Innovate.

Packed with deep insights about the female mind and body, this book talks about Women’s Empowerment in a way that no book has ever done before.

Hundreds of thousands of guides and manuals have already been written that talk about Women’s Empowerment, the stereotypes, sexism, financial independence, discrepancy between men and women in the areas of health, education, political empowerment, and economic empowerment.

Mariett’s code-breaking strategy is clear, lucid and straightforward.

Mariett Ramm has created the role of Chief Empowerment Officer, the authentic woman leader who empowers herself and those around her. This concept is a refreshingly unique angle to celebrate co-creation and co-existence in today’s society where women are becoming more included and appreciated for the humility, compassion, nurturing, gentleness and encouragement they bring to the corporate and entrepreneurial arena.

Be enriched and empowered by this compelling Body/Mind/Spirit blueprint to feminine self-empowerment. 

Ramm explores authentic women leadership, mindfulness, spirituality, and the female body itself to do one thing: to empower the reader and help them reach their highest potential, give back to their community and build an everlasting legacy to femininity.

Dive into this empowering narrative and read about:

·         The Place and Role of Women in Today’s Corporate World

·         The Major Barriers to Female Advancement

·         The Biological Origin of The Female Gender

·         From Goddess to Heroine

·         Why We Can’t Accept Ourselves

·         The Illusion of Glamor and The Social Media Influencer Cult

·         A Path to Discover the Real You 

·         The Determinants of Personality 

·         Family Dynamics

·         How Your Brain Processes Emotions

·         Spiritual Cycles of a Woman

·         Chief Empowerment Officer: Empowering Yourself and Those Around You

·         How To Harness Your Internal Body/Mind/Spirit Feminine Cycles

And more.

This book is a user-friendly blueprint that will allow a woman to become the effective leader of her own life; one in which she can influence and inspire herself and others to live a life of purpose, happiness, success and financial equity, finally guaranteeing her the freedom that comes with a capability to live her life at the highest potential.